Winmara Clumber Spaniels and Bernese Mountain Dogs

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About Us

We are Peggy and Randy Bebeau.  We have two grown "human" children with families of their own, including five grandchildren. 

We fell in love with the Bernese Mountain Dogs over 12 years ago.  Our first puppy was "Duncan" who was absolutely amazing.  He was a therapy dog, draft dog, and a true joy in our lives.  We now share our home and hearts four Berners:  Tru, Winslow, Gem  (Winslow's daughter), and Rainey.

Through the Berners we have meet many wonderful dogs and people.  About four years ago we became very interested in Clumber Spaniels and met a wonderful Clumber breeder  - Mitch Rollins.   It was a very hard decision to pick out a puppy and we spent many hours out on Mitch's deck watching his adorable clumber puppies play.  Timber's loving personality, outgoing nature, and physical endurance won us over and we welcomed Timber into the family June 2005. 

Timber loves cuddles, naps on the back of the sofa, and his toys.  He also loves playing with the Berners, which have helped shape Timber's wonderful personality.

In February of 2007 a second Clumber, Bachannal Classy Chasis, joined our family.  She has quickly become Timber's best friend.  Chasis is adorable and is almost 7 years old.

Timber finished his championship at 8 months of age.  He loves to show and thinks all the people are clapping for him.  Timber has also gone on to get his UKC Championship, his Canadian championship, and his International Championship.

In 2010 our Grand Daughter April began juniors.  We are very excited to be able to share in this with her.  April is learning to handle sporting dogs with Feather and toy dogs with Countrymanor Perfect Dot "Dottie".

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